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"Venice ! Is there a name in human languages that has made us dream more than that?"

(Guy de Maupassant)

Described by poets and novelists and portrayed by the finest painters , Venice offers to be discovered and known , especially in its most intimate corners and in its true soul . Friendly city, from many cultures , where it's also nice not to follow a precise route , but lost deliberately lanes and squares.

We at Accademia Viaggi know it all, and due to the experience gained over many years in the hospitality industry, we can make your stay in a city so unique absolutely special. Whether it 's a single traveler or a group, of participation in a meeting or a leisure trip, we face it with the same passion and the same attention to detail, to leave this city a real thrill.

About us

Accademia Viaggi was founded by in 1987 by a branch of one of the most famous Maritime Agencies of Venice . It has soon become the organizing of conferences , meetings and incentive trips . In the period 1988-1990 Academy Travel Agent General was of a shipping company "Adriatic Cruise Ltd. " in New York (USA ), owner of th M / v AMBASSADOR sailing on the Adriatic Sea , to the promotion and sale of its cruises .

With M / v AMBASSADOR we organized the first known competition of " offshore " boat from Venice to Monte Carlo ( France ).

At the end of 1989 Accademia Viaggi changed its name and runs by itself: in this sense it is open to the markets of Japan, the United States, Britain , Germany , Incoming Tour Operator for Venice and Italy for all.

Since 1991 we represent in Venice "JPI Europe BV" one of the biggest Japanese tour operators, owned by JAL Japan Airlines. The Japanese market is in continuous growth and for this we are pleased and encouraged to work with that country, which is why today we work with different notes Japanese travel agencies and tour operators as JPI Europe BV, Europe HIS, Hankyu, but also with small and not well-known agencies.

Based on our experience we open Japan to some other markets such as USA, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Russia.

In 2011 due to the earthquake in Japan we had a great crisis coming from that country, but as we know the Japanese are very strong, and since the end of the year their presence began to increase again.

For us the satisfaction of our customers is our primary Mission.

Our partners Worldwide

Accademia Viaggi offers a highly qualified professional and composed of 7 members, Italian and Japanese..
Languages spoken: Italian, English, French, German, Japanese.
Accademia Viaggi is located in the very heart of Venice, in Campo San Luca, halfway between the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco..
Available a phone service 24/7 for emergencies with assistance in English and Japanese.

Venice is our city, but we also operate in Italy with branch offices in Rome, Milan, Florence.

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